Goju Ryu Karate

Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate can be traced back over 1000 years ago. This ancient and traditional style has remained loyal to its original teachings, virtually untouched by the division of most martial art styles today.

Karate Begins & Ends With Respect

Goju Ryu Karate Colorado Springs

Founded by its most devoted student Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953) Goju Ryu is Japanese for "hard-soft style”.

I hear you asking, “What on earth does that mean”?  Well, Go means hard and refers to closed hand techniques or straight direct attacks. Whereas Ju means soft open hand techniques and circular movements.

Sanchin & Tensho Kata

In Goju Ryu Karate special importance is given to breathing correctly in all of the katas but particularly in the first of two core katas of this style.

Sanchin Kata
which follows the hard (go) style where all muscles are flexed and tensed throughout essentially making it the most strenuous kata. This type of strength training is only recently understood in Western science and is known as "isometric training" in bodybuilding.

The second core kata is called Tensho Kata which highlights the soft aspects of Goju Ryu, and involves continuous, flowing movements which are aimed at teaching the student about the soft (ju) style of the system.

Goju Ryu Style

Goju Ryu follows methods that include body strengthening, conditioning and its uncomplicated approach to fighting (distance, power generation, etc.), and partner drills.

Goju Ryu integrates both circular and direct movements into its curriculum.

Combinations of hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent. Circular movements also include locks, grappling, take-downs and throws which are all a part of this amazing style. 

Okinawa Goju Ryu

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There are so many karate disciplines to choose from that it can become an overwhelming task... my humble advice would be to actually visit a dojo and watch the training in session. You will know from that experience if it is the one for you because you will feel it.

On that note, if you are looking for an undiluted approach to martial arts classes in Colorado Springs, either for yourself or your child then it is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to United States Karate Academy.

Colorado Springs Goju Ryu

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Kids Love Martial Arts Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs locations were founded in 1984 by Miguel Serrano. USKA practices the ancient art of Goju Ryu Karate in all its glory.

The instructors at USKA are welcoming, patient, experts in their field and have a deep commitment to your training, development and self-esteem.

With four locations in Colorado Springs to serve you, United States Karate Academy offers Colorado martial arts classes for children from pre-school to adult.

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"Kids Love Martial Arts"

United States Karate Academy Instructors

Training at USKA is a wonderful and rewarding experience and the benefits too numerous to mention. Take the path for your mind, body and spirit. You will be glad you did... I know because I have practiced this ancient martial art at United States Karate Academy since 2006!

"Karate ni sente nashi." translated means; "There is no first attack in Karate." Gichin Funakoshi

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Goju Ryu Karate Instructors Colorado Springs

v  North:  77 3rd Street, Monument, CO

v  South:  1769 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO

v  East:    5245 Galley Road, Colorado Springs, CO

v  West:   207-A Rockrimmon Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 388-2020

From Left: Sensei Susan Seldomridge
Sensei Miguel Serrano ~ Sensei Irene Okuyama

"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957)

I Love Kickboxing... Yes I Do!

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SIDEBAR:  In addition to training in traditional Okinawan Karate,
The United States Karate Academy offers Kickboxing classes at its various locations.

If you are interested in getting in shape fast and losing weight effectively then Cardio Kickboxing is your answer.

Learn more about the 
I Love Kickboxing programs available at the various United States Karate Academy Dojos.

Northwest Goju

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